Electronic Countdown/Countup Timer - Nordic Sport Australia
Electronic Countdown/Countup Timer - Nordic Sport Australia
Electronic Countdown/Countup Timer - Nordic Sport Australia

Nordic Sport Australia

Electronic Countdown/Countup Timer

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This large 6 digit, red LED clock or sports/exam timer is perfect to time any indoor or outdoor event. It is designed with super bright LED'S so it can be read outdoors in full sun!

It features 6 x 15cm high super bright LED digits. Perfect for timing outdoor sporting events.

It features:

  • 5 x Brightness levels
  • 12 or 24 hour clock. HH:MM;SS
  • Counts up to or down from 99:59:59
  • 1/100 sec Stopwatch
  • Sturdy folding aluminium tripod
  • The red LED hour, minute and second numerals are 150mm high. 
  • The time is easily adjustable via the included IR remote control. 2 x AAA batteries included. 
  • Visibility up to 75 metres.
  • Can be used as a table or wall mounted unit. Can easily be attached to the tripod which extends up to 2m high.
  • Plugs into a standard power outlet.
  • Can be run from a 12V/1.5A rechargeable battery or a 12V car power outlet. (adapters not included).Please call us if you require either of these options.
  • 5 Year Lithium backup battery for clock. This means it will maintain the correct time in the event of a power loss. (NB: if power is lost, the display will go off and the time will be kept by the backup battery. When the power is restored, the red LED display will come back on at the correct time. When using the timer or stopwatch modes, in the event of a power outage, the timing in progress will be lost.)
  • Operating temp. 0C-40C
  • Included single tripod can be extended from 142cm-200cm. Easy to dismantle clock from tripod for storage.
  • Black aluminium frame, anti glare plexiglass lens, aluminium folding tripod.
  • Power source: Mains Power or 12VDC
    Unit height - Timer: 200mm
    Unit length - Timer: 880mm
    Unit depth - Timer: 50mm

NB: This unit is IP65 water resistant. It is able to be read in very bright areas. Not suitable for permanent outdoor installation.

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Phone: (07) 55 407 803

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Nordic Sport Australia PO Box 126 Labrador QLD 4215 AUSTRALIA

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Nordic Sport Australia 30/8 Distribution Court Arundel QLD 4214 AUSTRALIA


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