Freelap Pro BT 808 - Nordic Sport Australia
Freelap Pro BT 808 - Nordic Sport Australia

Nordic Sport Australia Pty Ltd

Freelap Pro BT 808

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The Freelap Pro BT 808 Multi Lane Timing System allows athletes to time multiple athletes over a set distance from a stationary start.

Chips are started on athletes first movement.

This allows for data being sent instantly to a smartphone or tablet.

Simply open the MyFreelap App on your device, have athletes attach a BLE chip to their waist, move them to the start line and fire a gun!

All data is saved to the MyFreelap App. The easiest timing system on the market.

Extra split times can be added by using additional Tx Junior Transmitters.

Kit Includes

8 x  BLE Chip

8 x Tx Junior Transmitters

Contact Details
Phone: (07) 55 407 803

Postal Address
Nordic Sport Australia PO Box 126 Labrador QLD 4215 AUSTRALIA

Warehouse Address
Nordic Sport Australia 30/8 Distribution Court Arundel QLD 4214 AUSTRALIA


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