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Large Sports First Aid Kit (Softpack)

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Contains 1 x cotton wool, 1 x gauze swab, 2 x combine pads- 9cm x 20cm, 3 x 5cm conforming bandages, 2 x 7.5cm heavy Crepe bandages, 24 x plastic strips, 1 x triangular bandage, 1 x Metsal Cream, 1 x Burn Aid, 1 x paracetamol, 10 x disposable gloves, 1 x scissors, 1 x eye probe, 12 x safety pins, 1 x plastic case, 1 x Savlon Antiseptic Cream, 5 x eye pads, 3 x telfa pads, 3 x 2.5cm conforming bandages, 3 x 5cm heavy Cr_pe bandages, 1 x dressing strip- 6cm x 1cm, 1 x 25mm Leokopor Tape, 1 x 250ml antiseptic cream, 1 x sunscreen, 1 x instant cold pack, 1 x forceps, 1 x uster scissors, 1 x splinter probe, 1 x first aid leaflet, 5 x 15ml saline solution.

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