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Nordic Valhalla Shot

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Extreme competition shot for shot put, made of ductile cast iron. Exceptionally balanced. Special surface treatment for best grip on market, within world athletics rules.

3kg diameter 109mm. WA certified no I-22-0330.

4kg diameter 103mm. WA certified no I-22-0335.

4kg diameter 109mm. WA certified no I-22-0336.

5kg diameter 110mm. WA certified no I-22-0340.

6kg diameter 117mm. WA certified no I-22-0343.

7.26kg diameter 125mm. WA certified no I-22-0344.

7.26kg diameter 129mm. WA certified no I-22-0345.

Size:3kg 109mm

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Phone: (07) 55 407 803

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Nordic Sport Australia PO Box 126 Labrador QLD 4215 AUSTRALIA

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Nordic Sport Australia 30/8 Distribution Court Arundel QLD 4214 AUSTRALIA


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